Economic Development Summit

For the past several years, MPC has acted in partnership with other community institutions and often has taken a leading role on projects and activities that improve the quality of life in Community District 7 and the northwest Bronx. Building on its success, MPC collaborates with its strategic partners and Lehman College to coordinate a North Bronx Economic Development Summit.

The purpose of the summit is to provide valuable information to business owners, perspective business owners, merchant groups/associations and community organizations in order to stimulate economic growth by strengthening the commercial districts and businesses in Community District 7.

The North Bronx Economic Development Summit sponsored by Citibank, provides a venue where local development corporations, city officials, banks and business leaders can come together. The event is geared towards accessing the needs of businesses and merchant groups in order to provide them with the necessary services and resources to enhance economic growth in the north Bronx. These services would include: technical assistance; strategies for establishing and strengthening merchant groups; information on BID formation, business loans, banking services, healthcare coverage at businesses; and marketing strategies. The Summit is held annually on a business day during Bronx Week in the month of June and is sponsored by Citibank and Mosholu Preservation Corporation.


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