Community Health


Social Determinants of Health


The conditions in the communities where people live, learn, work and play, which contribute to the overall health of a person, are known as the Social Determinants of Health. Low-income neighborhoods usually do not have as much access to healthy foods or safe neighborhoods and suffer from unstable housing, and substandard education. This is where MPC comes in, as a support organization of Montefiore medical center we aim to help elevate both individual and population health by focusing on improving the SDOH in our communities.

MPC does this through our work in civic engagement by publishing the Norwood News, improving the neighborhood’s built environment with beautification projects, building up the commercial corridor by providing small business support and much more.

Contact our office to learn more and join us in our efforts to improve the SDOH in our communities!

Office of Community and Population Health

The office of Community and Population Health designs, implements, and supports interventions that improve the health and well-being of the community. The community includes Montefiore patients, associates and the residents of the neighborhoods Montefiore is present.


Healthy Store Initiative

Through our Healthy Store Initiative, Montefiore’s Office of Community & Population Health (OCPH) is working to increase community access to healthy foods and beverages by partnering with local bodegas and community based organizations to create sustainable food retail change.