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clean streets initiative

An initiative led by our community partners; Friends of Mosholu Parkland (FOMP). Working with store owners and residents FOMP aims to make the everyday shopping experience more enjoyable by keeping our commercial streets clean. Educating merchants on their cleaning responsibilities to avoid fines and summons, while working with the community to ensure less littering and share volunteer opportunities all contributes to the sustainability of this cleaning initiative. To learn more or get involved, click below. 

friends of mosholu parkland


Our Story:

Friends of Mosholu Parkland is a group of community residents who got together and have been volunteer with community beautification and greening since 2013. Friends of Mosholu Parkland AKA FOMP is a Norwood/Bedford Park based non-profit organization.

Our mission is to cultivate sustainability in residential communities and small business districts that surround Mosholu Parkway for healthier, safer neighborhoods by tackling litter and promoting green spaces.

Clean Streets Initiative


Get Involved as the individual/group

  • Use the trash bin on the block for your street trash

  • If there is no trash bin or its full – take your trash home and recycle it there

  • Call 311 if the street trash bins are overflowing and has not been picked up

  • See litter in the tree pits- please pick it up and dispose of it in the trash bin

  • Organize your small group of friends, family, neighbors for a weekly tree pit care day

  • Log in your volunteer hours on the FOMP portal, build hours and receive rewards

  • Report illegal dumping



Get involved as the business owner

  • Keep your storefront and curb swept and free of litter daily (opening, mid-day, closing)

  • Keep trash that needs to be collected OFF the tree pits

  • Water your mini garden tree pit- Karma will attract customers

  • Display the Clean Street Call decal on your window for customers to see

  • Adopt the litter basket on the street

  • Avoid sanitation fines and keep the tree pit clean

  • Report illegal dumping

Clean Street Project 2021 pic3.png
Clean Street Project 2021 pic4.png

Contact Us:, @friendsofmosholuparkland on IG and Facebook

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