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About Beyond Survival

Through allocated by Congress, MPC has created the "Beyond Survival" program, an initiative designed to elevate local, small businesses in the North Bronx from mere survival to flourishing enterprises. Beyond Survival.


This program represents a collaborative ecosystem of small business owners and vendors, all united in their commitment to bolster small businesses. Their collective aim is to provide a suite of resources that catalyzes business growth and development within the Bronx.

At the heart of "Beyond Survival" is a diverse array of consultants and vendors, each bringing specialized expertise to address the unique challenges faced by small businesses. Among these, a retail market analyst will offer insights into retail leakage, pinpointing opportunities for growth. A local enterprise specializing in signs, awnings, and security gates will enhance storefront aesthetics and ensure compliance with local regulations, contributing to the overall beautification of the area.

Further support comes from a tech innovator tasked with crafting an online marketplace, a move that promises to widen the customer base for participating businesses. In an effort to bridge language barriers, a community-based organization led by Bangladeshi women will offer translation services, thereby facilitating communication in the linguistically diverse region.

Moreover, the initiative includes a push towards healthier and more inviting storefronts through a dedicated local organization. E-commerce is another key focus, with a tech firm poised to revolutionize sales for small businesses by implementing cutting-edge POS systems and providing comprehensive training.

Financial literacy and preparedness are also covered, with a local accounting service set to educate small business owners on financial management and crisis preparedness. Finally, web development support will ensure that up to 100 businesses can establish or enhance their online presence with professionally designed landing pages.

Together, these components of the "Beyond Survival" program form a robust support network, enabling small businesses in the North Bronx not just to navigate the challenges of today, but to thrive in the future.

The vendors below are local Bronx and New York City based businesses that will be helping throughout the first year of this earmark and providing their expertise to up to 60 businesses based within Wakefield, Jerome/Gunhill, and Norwood. 

Learn more about them down below.


Agape Printing

Awnings & Gates

engage with our signs, awning and security gate vendor, also a local Bronx business, to replace old signs and awnings and upgrade security gates to comply with new regulations that require the gates have some holes to see through. These gates also help with safety as businesses can leave their lights on, which provides more light on the street, making neighbors and pedestrians feel safer.

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LR Multiservices

Financial Assistance

The biggest request we received from businesses post-pandemic are accounting services. a local accounting firm for will meet one-on-one with our merchants to provide them with the business and financial planning they need to succeed.

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Healthy Storefront Initiative

This program was started by Montefiore's Office of Community and Population Health. There will be a full time consultant on board to help businesses that handle food showcase their healthier options to the consumers within the neighborhoods.

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