Neighborhood Development

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MPC provides beautification programming, sanitation and graffiti removal services in the neighborhoods surrounding Montefiore facilities. Additionally, MPC partners with community based organizations and volunteer groups to organize community stakeholders to clean up their neighborhoods and to beautify their commercial corridors through lighting, maintaining tree pits, sanitation, hanging planters, and banner programs, to name a few. Improving the built environment in the community surrounding the hospital helps to improve the quality of life of those that live there.

Clean streets initiative

An initiative led by our community partners; Friends of Mosholu Parkland (FOMP). Working with store owners and residents FOMP aims to make the everyday shopping experience more enjoyable by keeping our commercial streets clean. Educating merchants on their cleaning responsibilities to avoid fines and summons, while working with the community to ensure less littering and share volunteer opportunities all contributes to the sustainability of this cleaning initiative. To learn more or get involved, click below.